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7 SET CODEX- A haircutting technique which utilizes the basic physical mechanics of bone structure and the effects of gravity as the hair is cut and falls into place.

When hair is cut, it falls a certain way according to the shape of the head, the prominence of certain bone structures and according to the texture of the hair itself. These elements create certain shapes which correspond with the natural shape of the human face.

Seven haircuts match seven basic face shapes. Push your hair cutting skills into the realm of the real professionals with a diamond hard skill set --  understand the effect created when you lift (elevate) and cut hair, and then allow gravity to affect it.

7 SET CODEX will teach you a format to create every haircut that has ever existed or will exist in the future.

Model #1 a 180 haircut volumetric layer


Model #2 a 45 graduated bob haircut


Model #3 a 90 square layer haircut

O to 180 in seven steps.
This basic template of haircuts, is designed to include every haircut ever done now or in the future. It is the haircutting class that I have been searching for and have never found.

After 30 years of experience, taking advanced courses and working as an educator and stylist, I bring my collective experience to you.

Learn these 7 basic haircuts based on a very simple formula and you will have the ability to recognize, visualize, map out, and execute any haircut in the fashion market now and in all future fashion trends. You will also learn to tailor these style cuts to fit each individual person.

  1. Seven basic hair cuts to enhance the seven basic face shapes. However, learn 9 core haircuts in all.

  2.  Learn to fit haircut to face shape immediately

  3. Learn to execute and finish each haircut with precision, and finish each cut using seven basic tools or less.

  4. Prep hair perfectly using seven basic tools or less and increase your understanding of product use and efficiency.

  5. Increase understanding of how cuts are created. Increase speed and skill.

  6. Learn to texturize hair properly and appropriately.

  7. Get a professional progressive edge now so you can proficiently compete in your chosen career field for many years to come.



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